I'm Yu Hao, a D.C.-based product designer/design mentor.

I am currently a product designer at MicroStrategy.

I consider myself a UX unicorn with a hunger for solving complex problems in an innovative and meaningful way. I believe in experimentation, taking informed risks, and user/business-based communications.

Outside of work, I enjoy a round of hoops, writing stories, painting, and providing UX mentorship on ADPlist.

MicroStrategy Cloud Intelligence

COVID-19 has changed the world in which we live. To embrace the digital wave in this new contactless environment, MicroStrategy rapidly transformed from building on-premise software to developing software-as-a-service (SaaS).

As part of the transition effort, I drove development of a turnkey experience that helps clients deploy HyperIntelligence in under 5 minutes rather than multiple hours.

End to End Design
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Personalized Analytics Experience

MicroStrategy Library is an interactive application that provides strong reporting and analysis capabilities across Web, iOS, and Android devices.

When I joined the team in 2016, one of my missions was to create a more personalized experience. As a product designer, I drove the idea to bring a comprehensive solution to customers.

Web Design
Mobile Design
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MicroStrategy Distribution Services

MicroStrategy Distribution Services provides high-volume, high-efficiency report distribution to various devices in a variety of formats.

The original product functioned reasonably for its time, but it has begun to lose efficacy as our customers’ needs have changed. I led the research and design effort to re-imagine a modern experience for our distribution services.

Strategic Design
Design Research
Desktop Design
Mobile Design
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Cortana Skills

Hey, Cortana! Please find me a ride to the movie theater in 5 minutes.

Life Adventure

A localized homepage design for the Asian market